History of hunting


Hunting is one of the oldest ways to gather foot. Discussion although there are old hominines as homo erectus and homo sapiens were now hunters or eaters, one sees collection and hunting as the main activities of the man as in the old Stone Age. What the consequences of the hunting by people has been in the same time is unclear. There are scientists who extinction of the mammoth in connection with this activity of the man in ice. However others consider the climatic changes, the main reason for this. In the the neolithium took in many cultures the importance of the hunting by the release of the agriculture. It used for hunting articles as spear stones and spearhead. In the source fight were the sporting guns of bronze, in the iron time of iron. It usually takes the view that hunting traditionally has been mainly an activity for man. Nowadays most man stay hunting, but when the season is over. They head over to the pc and start playing hunting games instead. Also the women of hunters like these games.


There were sometimes species from other areas planted enable them to be hunting. It is now accepted that the Romans rabbits have introduced into Western Europe. The deer was for hunting in New Zealand introduced, and it was an ecological disaster. There are several animal species to call it.


Middle Ages


The Middle Ages were there by many groups of society hunters. The nobility often many privileges enjoyed in this area. So, they had a monopoly on hunting in many areas. If others than went hunting in these areas, they could be because it was restricted. It was also in the Middle Ages when the firearms were invented, whose manageable variants applied in the hunting. This has increased the effectiveness of the hunting. Beside real life hunting, many people sit in front of their computer and start playing free hunting games.  This is becoming more and more popular beyond the hunters and non hunters.